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Cyber Security Consultants

Is the threat of a cyber-attack an increasing concern for you? Could there be blind spots in your cyber defences? Do you have systems, policies and procedures in place to protect your organisation?

Our experienced cyber consultants can provide you with an affordable posture review of the current position of your cyber security and information security and identify key areas of risk.

Our CyView consultancy products provide assessment and audit to gauge a snapshot of your ability to defend against a cyber-attack. A package of industry, government, international standards, best practices and specialist tools are used to investigate your information security environment.


The output of these reviews is then delivered in reports specifically written in plain English that can be clearly understood by people at all levels in your organisation.

The reports are particularly useful in being able to demonstrate one of the following:

  1. Your overall cyber health is good
  2. Improvements may be required to policies and configurations or you may need to review investment or resource.
  3. Changes recently made to your environment are showing tangible benefits

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Cyber Security Cyview Core

This affordable consultancy service can rapidly assess key areas of cyber risk with a high-level review of your organisation’s environment by an experienced cyber security consultant.

Information Security Cyview Posture

A detailed ‘evidence-based’ independent audit of your organisation’s cyber and information security against industry best practices and UK Government and international standards.

Cyber Consultant Cyview Horizon

Specialist consultancy for those organisations wishing to achieve Cyber Essentials or ISO27001 certification, penetration testing & vulnerability scanning, guidance on technology product or services selection, or cyber security training for staff.

About Us

Cambrian Cyber Consulting is an independent provider of cyber and information security consultancy expertise with affordable service offerings for companies wishing to assess and audit cyber risk.

Established by David Enders, Cambrian Cyber Consulting works closely with its customers to understand their specific requirements and guide them in the most appropriate way to secure their environment. We bring in, if required, the UK’s leading experts in the field of ethical hacking and cyber and information security risk. We have some of the UK’s most talented and experienced ISO27001 professionals working with us.

We deliver clear concise output following our work that provides opinion, recommendations and suggested routes to follow depending on the type of engagement chosen. Ultimately, we want to assist our customers and indeed UK PLC to become more cyber aware – for life!

David's Bio follows below:

Cyber Consultant

David has been working in IT and specifically the security area for over 25 years. He has run a number of Security Operations Centres in large organisations and has held positions such as CISO, Global Head of Cyber Security and Data Protection Officer. He has led innovative engineering teams and technical incubator programmes to exploit Artificial Intelligence machine learning and human-machine teaming. He also achieved a World-first by successfully deploying Content Disarm & Reconstruction technology in a live operational environment. He has carried out cyber and information security engagements with a wide range of organisations including professional services firms, defence contractors, insurance and technology companies. His company now focuses primarily on helping organisations strengthen and maintain their cyber and information security posture.

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